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Machinima Artist (SMG4)

Sydney, NSW | Part/Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement

Job Info 

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and creative machinima artist who will help create content for our Machinima Comedy Series SMG4We predominately use Garry's Mod to create shots and Sony Vegas to edit.


The role involves content creation of the following:

-Scripted Content-

  • Following a script and creating/animating content for our main SMG4 series for example;

  • Note that episodes are predominately memey in terms of comedy (like the above) HOWEVER we also don't shy away from mature/emotional scenes. Strong animation/cinematography/editing skills would come in great hand here. FOR EXAMPLE;

For the most part, you will be following a script, but we strongly encourage adding your own "flair/style" to scenes when appropriate and possible. Allowing Machinima Artists to "make their scene THEIR scene" is something we really value.


  • MUST have a strong understanding of internet/meme culture.

  • MUST have a strong understanding of pop culture, cartoons, and Nintendo games.

  • MUST understand ‘Gen-Z’/Shitpost style humor and write comedy-driven stories based around this.

  • MUST enjoy SMG4 content

  • Editing skills with software such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas

  • Good understanding of cinematography techniques

  • Experience in Garry's Mod, Unreal Engine, or Unity

Bonus Skills

  • Keen interest and knowledge in Nintendo games and characters.

  • Experience in 3D animation

  • Experience in layout or storyboarding

  • Experience with VFX 


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