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Who We Are

Glitch Productions is a fully self sustained Australian animation studio with a following of over 9 million engaged fans. Our ultimate goal is to make animated shows targeted at teens and young adults that tell fun and whimsical stories while also respecting our audience's ability to appreciate mature plots and complex themes.

The studio was originally founded in the bedrooms of brothers Kevin & Luke Lerdwichagul. Starting as Youtube influencers, the brothers garnered their large following through animated and real life comedy sketches on Youtube. After 8 years of experience on the platform and dominating their genre, they decided their next big step was to fulfill their life long dreams of making animated shows to tell exciting and never seen before stories.

4 years, 5 animated series, tens of millions of views later, Glitch is now one of the biggest web animation studios in Australia. Glitch lives and breathes online content and our shows are expertly crafted to attract large audiences for the online landscape.



From pre-production to post production, marketing to management, Glitch does it all in-house. We have an experienced and diverse team of passionate creatives working out of our studio in Sydney, Australia, ready to create and share our next big project to the world.

As an indie studio, we have the privilege to experiment with what we create and can push the boundaries with each project.  If we want to create a show about about a cyborg girl who can travel into games or a pilot about funny vampire robots, there's not much stopping us (except maybe the NBN). With a team compromised of young and passionate individuals, Glitch is dedicated to creating stories with 3D animation that you wouldn't normally expect from animation.




Kevin Lerdwichagul

Kevin has helped grow and manage the company’s flagship series, SMG4, into the 7 million subscriber channel it is today.


Kevin is the co-founder of Glitch Productions, along with his brother Luke. Helping to manage the company’s flagship series, SMG4, into the 5 million subscriber channel it is today. He pushed for the company to branch out into alternate forms of content, eventually creating the 3D animated series: Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, Murder Drones as well as starting their own ‘Vtuber’ business.


Jasmine Yang

Jasmine is the General Manager and Development Producer of Glitch, assisting Kevin and Luke  in developing and writing scripts for all of their projects.


Jasmine has authored best-selling Dungeons and Dragons books as well as co-hosted the locally popular podcast “Re-Roll.” She has joined the Lerdwichagul brothers as the Head Writer for their Youtube channel, assisting them in developing story arcs for their mainline SMG4 series as well as the scripts for Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, and other projects.


Luke Lerdwichagul

Luke serves as the Chief Content Officer of Glitch Productions, crafting the tone and style of our series


While initially done for fun, his Youtube channel, SMG4, gained massive popularity and allowed Luke to focus on video-making as a full time job. Today, he serves as the Chief Content Officer of Glitch Productions, crafting the tone and style of our series using the unique experience he has gained as one of Youtube’s most successful creators.


Liam Vickers

Liam serves as showrunner of 'Murder Drones' and has brought his unique storytelling and cult fan-following to the Glitch brand.


Liam has had multiple years of experience in the animation industry with production roles on shows such as Netflix’s “Inside Job” and Nickelodeon’s “Glitch Techs. He’s also created his own fully animated pilot; Cliffside  -- which currently sits at 12 Million views on Youtube. He now works as a Showrunner for Glitch’s animated show; Murder Drones.

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