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November 9th 2023

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What is GlitchX?

GlitchX is a live-streamed event to spotlight the artists of the indie animation world and show the community how big this scene has become!


We're going to be having AMAs, series spotlights, voice acting games, and creators coming together to discuss where this indie animation movement is heading.


This is our chance to give the artists in this scene the recognition they deserve and connect with an amazing community and fanbase that has made this industry what it is today.

The livestream will be hosted on the Glitch YouTube Channel 

  • YouTube


We've got a big 4.5 hours packed with artists and creators from across the indie scene

(with a few secret ones we'll announce on our socials soon).


Make sure you know when your favourite artists are going to be on - you don't want to miss them!


*all times listed are in Pacific Standard Time


Guest Line Up

We are excited to announce Liam Vickers, Gooseworx, Tracy Butler, and Sr Pelo are all attending this inaugural event!

There's one more guest that we haven't announced, can you guess who it is?

Voice Acting Guests 

Coming Soon.... 

Follow our socials for updates and guest announcements!

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