Layout Artist

Sydney, NSW | Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement

Job Information:

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and diligent Layout artist to help us with the cinematography, choreography and previs of our shows. You will be working with other layout artists on upcoming 3D animated shows similar to our existing shows Meta Runner & Murder Drones under the supervision of the director/showrunner. You will be utilising Maya to pose, stage and choreograph characters as well as position, compose and animate cameras based off of a script and written directive.



  • Experience in Previs and/or Layout in animation

  • Demonstrable skills in filmmaking and visual storytelling, such as composition, staging, and shot rhythm

  • Knowledge of cameras, lenses, editing, and film language

  • Strong knowledge of Maya

  • Good understanding of character animation principles

  • Self-motivated and the ability to work and solve problems with minimal assistance;

  • Highly organized with the ability to adhere to production schedules;

  • Well-developed communication skills and strong work ethic;

  • Desire to work with a team. Share knowledge and grow together



  • Experience with 3D animation

  • Experience with action choreography

  • Experience with physical cameras

  • Experience with Unreal Engine

  • Experience with Houdini