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Comedy Script Writer

Sydney, NSW | Part-time with potential for Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement

About us:

We are a small production company dedicated to producing high quality web based animations. Our team is filled with young aspiring artists, set on creating great worlds and characters. Our Youtube channels (SMG4, GLITCH & Hobo Bros) have over 7 million subscribers across all of them and we are looking to create more animated, story-driven content.

Job Info 

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and talented writer to create, design, and ideate compelling worlds, characters, and stories. You must be able to then translate these ideas into succinct and engaging script/screenplays. 

You will mainly be writing for our comedy animation channel SMG4

As such, you must have a strong understanding of internet culture, memes and the online entertainment industry. 

You must be able to write for different genres of entertainment, including but not limited to: comedy, drama, thriller, and action.

The turnaround time for a script for the SMG4 channel is 2-3 full days, weekly. This is due to the SMG4 channel being a weekly cartoon show. This position requires a high level of creative thinking, imagination, humour and passion for creating engaging characters,worlds and stories. It also has a huge emphasis on ‘Gen-Z’ comedy. 


The successful candidate should also be detail-oriented and committed to meeting tight deadlines. Preference will be given to those with a strong writing portfolio, bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience.


  • Write scripts (weekly) for the Youtube channel: SMG4.

  • Assist in writing scripts for our animation channel, GLITCH across multiple different types of animated shows.

  • Design/write interesting & engaging stories, plot arcs and character backgrounds.

  • Design/write engaging worlds and characters.

  • Ideate products for merchandise.

Skill Requirements

  • MUST have a strong understanding of internet/meme culture.

  • MUST have a strong understanding of pop culture, cartoons and Nintendo games.

  • MUST understand ‘Gen-Z’ humour and write comedy driven stories based around this.

  • Experience in writing creative stories.

  • Experience in writing succinct scripts/screenplay.

  • Experience in designing characters/worlds.

  • Strong understanding of story structure and writing compelling stories.

  • Enjoy the content we create.

  • Great sense of humour.

  • Have experience working under tight deadlines and maintaining a positive attitude under pressure is required.

  • People skills and ability to work as part of a team are of utmost importance.

  • Ability to take direction when required, while also working autonomously to self-direct and take leadership of a project where necessary.

Bonus Skills

  • Production/Editing Skills

  • Graphic Design Skills


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