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Senior Rigging Artist

Sydney, NSW | Part-time | Flexible Work Arrangement

Job Information:

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and diligent Senior Rigging Artist who has experience in designing and creating rigs for cartoonish-styled characters.


You will be designing and rigging characters with cartoony 2D style mouths and eyes that would need to achieve a variety of exaggerated expressions and be able to set them up and import them into Unreal Engine. An example of the kind of rigs would be the characters in our animated PILOT; Murder Drones (pay attention to the stylised cartoonish face)



  • Design and implement rigs for a variety of stylized cartoon characters based on requirements from the director and animation lead. 

  • Design and implement face rigs for a variety of stylized cartoon characters with exaggerated facial expressions.

  • Debug existing rigs and provide assistance/feedback on how to improve rigs.

  • Export, Import, Setup, and test rigs in gaming engines such as Unreal Engine.

  • Provide clear communication and accurate time estimated for the completion of assignments.

  • Provide and implement notes based on director/client feedback.

  • Strong interpersonal, social, and communication skills, with a desire to work closely with other professionals in a team setting.


  • 4+ years of experience on rigging for animated shows or video games

  • In-depth understanding of Maya (we use Maya 2022)

  • Experience creating and designing rigs for cartoon characters

  • Experience with alembic caches and setting them up in gaming engines such as Unreal Engine

  • Consistently strong problem-solving skills, as well as the capability to work in a disciplined manner and to make timely, well-thought-out decisions.

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with 3D animation

  • Experience with Unreal Engine

  • Experience with Houdini


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