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Product Officer

Sydney, NSW | Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement


Glitch Productions is an independent animation studio based in the heart of Parramatta CBD. Our Youtube channels, SMG4 and Glitch Productions, have over 7 million subscribers together, more than 3 billion views, and are still growing strong. Our studio is filled with young, passionate, and fun-loving artists that are determined to change the way animation is produced on the internet. We have worked with funding bodies such as Screen Australia and Epic Games, and continue to grow year on year, by delivering exciting series and storylines to our millions of fans.

Job Information:

We are currently looking for an eager candidate to develop and manage the production of our merchandise and physical products. This includes: developing timelines for design, manufacturing, and delivery; coordinating with both external and internal partners to ensure a timely creation of products; quality assurance on all products and all stages of the production pipeline; creating and analysing reports to make actionable points; and ideation of new products. They will be working closely with our executives, creative, and marketing team to develop unique and desirable merchandise for our fans to enjoy.



  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business, finance, marketing, or similar.

  • Experience in logistics, 3PL, and e-commerce platforms.

  • An ability to analyse data to drive innovation and deliver quality and exciting products to our fans.

  • Familiarity with apparel, toys, and/or accessories and their production.

  • Strong attention to detail and scheduling.

  • Strong management and communication skills.

  • An appreciation and understanding of the internet, animation, anime, and gaming culture.

  • A willingness to learn and adapt to a rapidly growing industry.


  • Fluency in Mandarin is greatly preferred.

  • Photography

  • Video Editing

  • Animation 

  • 2D art 

  • 3D art

  • Graphic design


  • A competitive starting salary with reviews every 6 months.

  • A flexible work arrangement and schedule, with options for work from home and flexi-hours.

  • A relaxed and fun office environment where individual input is valued.

  • Regular work functions and free entry to conventions and events.

  • Close to public transport in the heart of Parramatta CBD.


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