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3D Post Production Lead

Sydney, NSW | Full-time | On-site


Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and diligent Post Production Lead who has a strong artistic and technical eye for achieving visual requirements in Unreal Engine for our 3D animated shows such as  Meta Runner and Murder Drones. You will be working with the art director and post production manager to lead our 3D visualisation, vfx, lighting, rendering artists and post production team in delivering high quality visuals for our show. 

You will also be working with the post production team to polish &  finalize our shows in Unreal and oversee them being rendered and composited.

NOTE: Proficiency in Unreal Engine specifically is not required and can be learned on the job. However an understanding of similar 3D software is required.


  • Develop and achieve key 3D visual goals/tasks based on the needs of the project in Unreal Engine

    • Solutions may involve working with multiple departments and pieces of software (e.g Houdini)

  • Create, oversee and implement stunning VFX for our shows

  • Create and oversee lighting scenarios

  • Create and oversee 3D environments

  • Supervise the post production team to finalize, light, polish and render out animated shows

  • Develop and optimize rendering and lighting settings to deliver the best renders possible in UE while adhering to optimisation budgets

  • Make sure that projects are optimized in Unreal Engine and are run smoothly

  • Make our shows look as beautiful as possible in Unreal Engine!



  • Experience and strong understanding of the 3D pipeline

  • Strong ability and desire to solve visual and technical problems

  • Strong understanding of blueprints and node graphs in the 3D development context

  • Strong understanding and experience in creating VFX in programs such as UE, Blender or Houdini

  • Good understanding of lighting and camera principles.

  • Experience with the Adobe Suite (After Effects, Premiere & Photoshop)

  • Basic experience with 3D modelling/animation software (e.g Maya)

  • Self-motivated and the ability to work and solve problems with minimal assistance;

  • Highly organized with the ability to adhere to production schedules;

  • Well-developed communication skills and strong work ethic;

  • Desire to work with a team. Share knowledge and grow together



  • Experience with Houdini

  • Experience in C++

  • Experience creating static & motion graphics

  • Experience with 3D animation

  • Experience with Maya


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