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Pipeline Engineer

Sydney, NSW | Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement


Glitch Productions is an independent animation studio based in the heart of Parramatta CBD. Our Youtube channels, SMG4 and Glitch Productions, have over 7 million subscribers together, and more than 3 billion views, and are still growing strong. Our studio is filled with young, passionate, and fun-loving artists that are determined to change the way animation is produced on the Internet. We have worked with funding bodies such as Screen Australia and Epic Games, and continue to grow year after year, by delivering exciting series and storylines to our millions of fans.

Job Information:

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and technically-minded Pipeline Engineer with experience in designing and building systems & software tools. The Pipeline Engineer will be working under our Tech Lead to optimize the workflow of our productions and design/build tools/systems to increase the efficiency of our teams and create tools to automate processes and help produce outstanding visuals in our shows like Murder Drones and The Amazing Digital Circus


  • Design and implement solutions in C++ and Python that provide both production and runtime requirements in 3D software like Unreal Engine and Maya (prior knowledge not required but is a bonus)

  • Design & implement interfacing solutions between Maya and Unreal Engine

  • Design & implement tools and scripts for web-based software like Asana, Syncsketch, and Confluence to help automate and improve team processes

  • Integrate new technologies into our existing pipelines.

  • Improve our existing storage/rendering/processing technologies from both a hardware and software perspective

  • Migrate our existing pipelines and processes to a fully cloud-based system

  • Document workflows and advocate best practices.


  • Robust programming skills in C++

  • Experience working with other languages (Python, C#, C, etc.)

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Strong systems design and implementation skills

  • Ability to see a general problem and break it down into its core components then design and build a robust solution to solve and/or automate the problem.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • Experience developing processing tools (ex: geometry, animation, textures)

  • Self-sufficient, with strong time management skills


  • Experience with Unreal Engine

  • Experience with Maya

  • Experience with Blender

  • Experience with building computers

  • Experience with systems administration

  • Experience with cloud software like AWS


  • A competitive starting salary with reviews every 6 months.

  • A flexible work arrangement and schedule, with options for work from home and flexi-hours.

  • A relaxed and fun office environment where individual input is valued.

  • Regular work functions and free entry to conventions and events.

  • Close to public transport in the heart of Parramatta CBD.


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