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Marketing Manager

Sydney, NSW | Full-time | Flexible Work Arrangement

Who we are:

Glitch Productions is an independent animation studio based in the heart of Parramatta CBD. Our Youtube channels, SMG4 and Glitch Productions, have over 7 million subscribers together, more than 3 billion views, and are still growing strong. Our studio is filled with young, passionate, and fun-loving artists that are determined to change the way animation is produced on the internet. We have worked with funding bodies such as Screen Australia and Epic Games, and continue to grow year on year, by delivering exciting series and storylines to our millions of fans.

Job Information:

We are currently looking for an experienced and diligent marketing manager to assist in strategising and managing all our ongoing marketing campaigns, merchandise programs and shepherding the production for advertising materials for said campaigns. 


Because we operate entirely on the internet and market to an audience that frequently uses the internet, the candidate MUST have a strong understanding of internet/gen z culture. That is, they should know what all the latest memes, internet trends, and big influencers are on the internet.


Further, as we are an animation company and make multiple references to games/pop culture/’animation regularly in our content, the producer MUST have a strong understanding of gaming/animation/anime/pop culture (and basically be a bit of a geek themselves!)


You will be required to work closely with the creative and production teams to build the social media presence of the company and its IP and analyse results for efficient returns on investment. You will assist in strategising marketing campaigns based around the company’s projects such as merchandise releases, releases of new series, live touring events, and more. 

Skills Required

  • MUST have a strong understanding of internet, animation, anime and gaming culture.

  • Strong management and communication skills.

  • Producer experience in any of the following industries; animation/TV/Films/Games/Online Video/Streaming

  • Have a creative/imaginative mind

  • Experience in ideating, strategising and executing a creative campaign for a product or service

  • Be extremely organized and have a strong work ethic

  • Marketing IP, shows, brands, games and/or films

  • Experience with social media community building

  • Experience launching and managing advertising campaigns

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Engaging personality and willingness to learn

  • Positive, go-getter attitude with a passion for making things.

  • Consistently strong problem-solving skills, as well as the capability to work in a disciplined manner and to make timely, well-thought-out decisions.

  • Strong interpersonal, social, and communication skills, with a desire to work closely with other professionals in a team setting.

Bonus Skills

  • Photography

  • Video Editing

  • Animation 

  • 2D art 

  • 3D art

  • Graphic design

  • Experience in being a content creator

  • Unreal Engine


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