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Production Intern

Sydney, NSW | Part-time | In-Office

Job Information:

Glitch Productions is looking for a highly capable and diligent intern that has a strong interest to work in the Animation/Entertainment industry. The job will involve a wide range of tasks, from assisting in the production aspects of our shows to administrative tasks to general housekeeping work. We will need you on average for 3 full days per week, but there may be times when you are required more often, particularly during the final rendering of episodes.


There may be work for you in other areas (such as art, animation, marketing OR editing) depending on your skill set.


You will

  • Assist in the production aspect of our shows including: rendering, assisting with post-production fixes, and managing schedules.

  • Assist in organising, managing, and archiving computer files and documents.

  • Assist in general administrative work

  • Assist in office housekeeping.

You need to

  • Excel in time management

  • Excel in organisation

  • Work well in a team 

  • Have a diligent and go-getter attitude.

  • Be a generally clean and organised person

  • Experience with Spreadsheets and Word documents.

  • Have a strong interest in working in the production/animation industry

Bonus Skills

  • Graphic design

  • Production/Directorial skills

  • Editing

  • Experience in photoshop

  • Experience with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, or Sony Vegas Pro

  • Cinematography

  • Concept Art

  • Design

  • Animation

  • Accounting/Marketing

  • 3D modeling/texturing

  • Music

  • Experience in Maya Experience with Unreal Engine 4/Unity


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